Rom Com Short

Melissa Oren is to thank for directing this wonderful short film. She really had a vision and went for it, and I was happy to help her. Barbara Gerard was the first editor of this film, and I took over when she ran out of days to work on it. The end result is beautiful little romantic comedy, with some actors who I truly enjoyed working with!

Improv Comedy

One of my all time favorite jobs was working on Season 2 of Svetlana. Shot in the same vein as Curb Your Enthusiasm (the actors had a basic outline of a scene, then fleshed it out over many takes of improving, sometimes single cam, sometimes two cameras) It was challenging, interesting, and hilarious. Here’s some of my favorite moments.

Condensing Time without Losing Continuity…

This cooking series, which I worked on for four seasons, had some challenging edit rules.  There could be no jump cuts of any kind, continuity of movement was very important to our producer.  We needed to hear the recipe be explained, see each ingredient, gracefully slide 1-2 personal stories into the mix, and do it as quickly as possible.

Here’s how to make a coconut pie, plus a trip down memory lane, in under 3 minutes.

Sudden Death Cookoff

I’ve always really liked this scene.  It took ages to edit, we had 8 cameras and probably 17 mics running for 25 minutes (for a two minute segment…) That is not including interview footage of all 15 chefs talking about this cookoff.  Totally a crisis of options, but it turned out great.